Upland Comics holds occasional NFT charity drives. We have a wallet dedicated to our charity work. The WAX wallet "upcogoodwill" is used to collect NFTs or donations. NFTs will be auctioned or sold and all proceeds along with currency donations will go to a charity or cause. We know that not everyone is liquid in WAX and the only way they can donate is through sending NFTs. We will do the work to auction or sell these NFTs and make sure your generous donation goes to somewhere good. Please donate NFTs, WAX or any WAX chain token to the "upcogoodwill" wallet as you see fit.

When we are not running a specific drive our normal cause will be Haitian Roots.
Any and all proceeds will go to MBlu to disperse to Haitian Roots as he sees fit.

Upland Connects

We also work together with the Manhattan 1/2s on the Play. Give. Connect. campaign. In 2021 working together the campaign was able to raise over $10,000 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. With a team approach to raising both in Upland and on WAX the campaign was able to maximize the success by reaching a wide audience. We look forward to having an even bigger event next year.

If you are interested in running a charity campaign, or you have a specific charity in mind, reach out to Recourier in the Upland Comics Telegram or Discord in the Upland Comics & Metaverse Media Server. We can talk about the best way to work together to support charity.