Upland Comics & Collectibles

Upland Comics & Collectibles is the metaverse's premier digital collectibles shop and design group. We deal in all forms of digital collectibles and maintain locations throughout multiple metaverses in the crypto space. Upland Comics grew from it's beginnings in the Upland metaverse, but we have no expanded well beyond those initial beginnings. Upland Comics is a platform agnostic & chain agnostic brand across the NFT space.

Though we don't exist solely on one chain, our specialty is the WAX blockchain. Outside of Upland we also operate in Alien Worlds, R-Planet, The Uplift World and are always looking for additional metaverse platforms to make our mark. You can find us in our Telegram Channel and Discord server.

In addition to our collectibles shops we also provide NFT design. We have developed a niche in logos, virtual business documents, gaming guides, and utility NFTs. We also have worked with many artists to provide work for the Upland Comics brand, and also to help them launch their own brands.

One of our most enjoyed products is our giveaways. We partner with projects throughout the WAX space to do our Monthly Mega Collection Giveaway. We find projects who would like to partner with us and we set up giveaways. Check out our giveaway page for all the details on how to enter and potentially win a huge pot of NFTs. Our biggest giveaways have been more than 3,000 NFTs and have reached several thousand dollars in value.

Our other huge engagement product is our NFT mining platform! We partner with other NFT projects to help them distribute their NFTs through visiting various metaverse properties and performing different actions based on the metaverse. We are currently actively mining in Upland and we are working towards setting up our locations in Alien Worlds, The Uplift World, and looking towards other opportunities.

If you are looking to see additional services we provide, or just looking for links to our sales, please check out our sales and services page. You may find that we can provide a solution for your specific problem. Even if it isn't listed, please reach out and we will work with you to solve your problem.

Charities are an important part of the Upland Comics brand. We have helped with several charity initiatives in the past and we are always looking for other opportunities to do charitable fundraisers. If you would like to run a fundraiser with Upland Comics, or just need some guidance on how to run your own we will gladly work with you to get the help you need.

Please check out our locations page to find out where we operate throughout the metaverse. Wherever you are we will have a spot to help meet your needs.