NFT Mining

In addition to selling NFTs we also have mining locations in all our metaverses. Currently NFT mining is only live in Upland and you can check our location lists at the bottom to find our mining locations. We will be holding regular mining events in our metaverses with chances to win NFTs. Our mining locations will change from time to time, so keep checking back. As new cities or maps open in the various metaverses it may take a little while to set up new locations. We will be sure to inform our miners when they become active.

Upland Mining

Since Upland is not on the WAX blockchain we need a way to get your WAX address to send your mining rewards. To provide us that information please fill out this form and include all the required information. If you haven't yet joined Upland you can right here and get a 50% bonus on you first purchase of UPX. We are currently mining on the following locations in Upland.

MetaForce Locations

Little Italy (Manhattan)

MetaForce Mine & Gallery - 142 Mulberry Street

Park Slope (Brooklyn)

MetaForce Mine & Gallery - 617 Pacific Street

Merced Manor (SF)

MetaForce Mine & Gallery - 80 Junipero Serra Boulevard

Little Italy (Fresno)

MetaForce Mine & Gallery -1426 C St

CryptomonKeys Locations

Little Italy (Manhattan)

NFT Mine & Gallery - 133 Mulberry Street

Park Slope (Brooklyn)

NFT Mine & Gallery - 15 4th Avenue

Merced Manor (SF)

NFT Mine & Block Explorer Shop - 170 Junipero Serra Boulevard

Central Fresno (Fresno)

NFT Mine & Gallery -2926 Tulare St

Alien Worlds Mining

At this time we are providing only standard mining rewards distributed directly by Alien Worlds. As a thank you to our customers we keep a very low 2% mining commission on our lands. We are currently investigating options into how we can manually distribute NFTs through our land. We are looking forward to the time when we can distribute NFTs directly within the Alien Worlds platform. If we are able to provide additional NFT mining rewards you will see them show up here. Please still feel free to mine any of these lands if they suit your needs.

The Uplift World Mining

We are excitedly awaiting establishing a location within Uplift World to mine with our Partners. As this program develops we will be updating this site with our mining locations. The Uplift World provides us with an exciting new format for mining.