Sales & Services

Block Explorers & NFTs

Upland Comics will be stocking all types of NFT collectibles and Upland Block Explorers. As the Upland NFT space grows we already have locations throughout the Metaverse to provide you the best experience in NFT sales that Upland has to offer. We will have not only the Upland Comics collection but many other collections available throughout the NFT space. We will also be establishing exclusive sales rights for several WAX IPs. Consider Upland Comics your best stop in Upland for tough to find NFTs.

WAX Sales

Upland Comics utilizes Atomic Hub for our sales platform. From Atomic Hub we utilize drops for the primary sales, we also have a busy secondary sales market. From time to time we list #1 mints or other special items up for auction. Check the links below for all the ways to get your own Upland Comics NFT.

Logos - Primary Sales, Secondary Market & Auctions.

Comic Covers - Primary Sales, Secondary Market & Auctions.

Gaming Guides - Primary Sales, Secondary Market & Auctions.

Trade Fuel - Primary Sales, Secondary Market & Auctions.

Upland Comics also maintains a sales page on WAX for all major collections that utilize the WAX blockchain. We will often purchase additional packs for resale to our customers that were unable to make a drop. We will attempt to keep stock of the most popular brands shortly after their primary sales.

WAX Pre-sales/Drops/Commissions

Upland Comics will do it's best to participate in any and all WAX presales or drops. We will work to get the most desirable NFTs on the market. Even when our customers are not available to attend the drop themselves we can help. If you have a presale or drop in mind reach out to use in advance. We will work with you to source liquidity and purchase NFTs on your behalf.

If you have a specific NFT in mind that in not available on the open market, contact us and discuss your budget. Upland Comics will go out into the private sales and collectors arenas and attempt to source the NFT that you are looking to acquire.

Artist Representation

Upland Comics array of galleries throughout San Francisco are not only for established collections. If you are an up and coming artist and don't have your own gallery space, Upland Comics will work with you to provide you with gallery space and a place to sell your work.

If you want to experiment with minting your own work for the first time and need a helping hand with the technical aspects we can provide guidance and help with the details. Please reach out and contact us.