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Upland Block Explorers (BEs)

Upland Comics block explorer shops (UPCO Explorers) will be stocking a full range of Upland BEs. Upland Comics has been established since 2020 and has access to some of the oldest and most difficult to find OG explorers. These include limited runs with low mint counts. We are also a trusted brand and have access to a number of one of a kind custom explorers. In addition to hard to find explorers we also will stock more common and affordable explorers, serving every level of Uplander.

Do you want to list your explorer on consignment? We take consignment sales and we have an easy to understand
consignment form which explains all the mechanics and fees associated with a consignment sale. If you need help pricing we have a custom pricing calculator that we can use to estimate market value for your BE.

Link for Consignment Form

Block Explorer Pricing Guide

Upland Comics block explorer shops (UPCO Explorers) has developed a proprietary calculation to estimate the expected cost of a block explorer. Like any collectible these prices are subject to market conditions and overall scarcity. As large cities and other attractions in Upland are opening prices on BEs have dropped significantly since the early FOMO pricing. We at UPCO do not expect those high prices to return very soon.

A note on Director BEs: Although they are tagged as 1-of-1s, there is an oversupply of director BEs such that they are one of the most common BEs out there. In any given shop you will see multiple director BEs and there are far more sellers than buyers. If you have a very exclusive or special BE with a great graphic, history, or significant owner they may be of decent value. If it's not very distinctive there may not be a market for it. Director BEs have a huge rage in their pricing. Set your expectations accordingly.

These prices should just be used as a rough guide for helping you decide if you want to attempt to sell your explorer. These guides will be updated from time to time as additional sales happen and the market appears to level out. For a detailed estimate please fill out the
consignment form and in the price area note that you need help with pricing.

Recent Sales

Upland NFTs

Upland Comics intends to have a presence in all future Upland NFT shop types. We will have a locations throughout every city in Upland in the busiest and most accessible neighborhoods. Look for our presence to grow.

WAX Sales

Upland Comics utilizes Nefty Blocks for our primary sales platform. Secondary sales are available on both Atomic Hub and Nefty Blocks. From time to time we list #1 mints or other special items up for auction. We plan to be a portal partner for Upland and will be able to bring your NFTs into the Upland Metaverse.
Check the links below for all the ways to get your own Upland Comics NFT.

Nefty Blocks Primary Sales - Upland Comics Drops

Nefty Blocks Secondary Markets - Upland Comics Secondary

Atomic Hub Secondary Markets Guides - Upland Comics Secondary

WAX Blending

Upland Comics utilizes Nefty Blocks for our blending provider platform. We have some fun blends there that can help you get familiar with the blending on the Wax chain. We can provide options for blending for our customers along with our custom design.

Nefty Blocks Blending - Upland Comics Blends

Artist Representation

Upland Comics array of galleries throughout the Metaverse are not only for established collections. If you are an up and coming artist and don't have your own gallery space, Upland Comics will work with you to provide you with gallery space and a place to sell your work. Once leasing of spaces are available in Upland. Check back for updates as the Upland Metaverse grows.